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In a message dated 9/4/1999 QSHIPQ@aol.com writes:

<< *  Best shots.  Race cars at Andretti Hairpin.  Those boys were putting 
the TransAM, the rally cars and the DTM pretty close to each other coming in. 
Got the corral pix in the same turn, the 4 Sport quattros all entering the 
turn looked awesome.  3 rolls of film of the race cars in the audi paddock 
also great >>

Only good in morning light...even by a bit after noon there is too much glare 
there unless shooting up towards turn 1, and then you need a very long lens. 
Other notables for great shots have to include shooting from the wall on the 
corkscrew...the afternoon light there Saturday was as good as it gets, many 
shooters made that comment there. Sunday from the same spot shooting next to 
my favorite motor sports shooter, Jesse Alexander, was a special treat as 

I got some good ones at turn 4 also, most notable was one of the Auto Unions 
with smoke coming off the outside rear tire...

Great post Scott!

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq
lots of Olympus OM stuff...