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need a motor

fellow listers,
    my mechanic is looking for a motor for his 1987 944. he's located south
of boston. this car is just a stock 944 non-turbo and not an s-car.
    he also needs parts for his 1988 90 quattro. for that he needs a bumprer
cover...[chris at autobahn he is going to be calling you as well]
ed sherrick
90 100q new bomb&isv
87 5000 cstq [ erector set]  you name it's been done! 1.8 bar, h&r, boge,
ate pwr discsF,bremboR,pagid& metalmasters, stainless steel break lines ,ate
super blue, yokohama avs intermediates on a-6 10-spoke magnesium alloys