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Re: Wiring question


Yes, easy to switch.  BUT, you'll lose your side marker light (the one next to the headlight), as it will now be in the bumper (facing forward, only). 

This is not a big deal, unless someone is trying to hit (or avoid you) from beside, in the dark.


Renton, Washington USA
'87 4kcsq - 180k
'83 Ur-q - 68k (up on blocks)

>>> <Gfbourcier@aol.com> 09/07/1999 11:36:53 AM >>>
Hello list,
On the 87 4kcsq, the front turn signal is mounted in the bumper, next to the 
"fake" driving lights.  The parking lights are mounted exterior to the 
headlamps.  Is it possible to "switch" these locations without too much 
difficulty?  I haven't started digging in yet, but it seems as though you 
should just have to clip and reconnect wires between the bulb mounts, as they 
are different sizes.  Any feedback would be appreciated.  Thank you.
Gil Bourcier    
87 4kcsq-84k mi