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Re: 5000 S Problems

On Mon, 6 Sep 1999 18:04:38 -0700, in alt.autos.audi you wrote:

>I got a 1985 Audi 5000 S from a friend for $250.  I have had it for about 
>2 months and have had several things go wrong with it.  It now sits in 
>the driveway because yesterday the CV joint blew.  It has a bad wheel 
>bearing on the front drivers side.  Two weeks ago the door handle broke.  
>I fixed it for 25bucks.  The sunroof guides are broken(it only goes up 
>and down)  The mirrors and both rear windows dont work.  The passenger 
>front window bearly works.  The drivers side works ok.  The odometer 
>doenst work and the temp gauge doesnt work.  Sometimes the headlights 
>stay on after I turn off the car and remove the key from the 
>ignition(only happened a few times).  The climate control doesnt work.  
>No A/C or heat.  I removed the glove box and shelf and found the flap for 
>the compartment just hanging there.  I found a spring in the compartment 
>and a knob.  I think I got it connected and now the flap always stays 
>closed and I get hot vent air all the time? The temp control unit had the 
>linkage unhooked from the servo motor, and the motor doesnt turn?  There 
>is also a spring unhooked?  The car also has an exhaust manifold bolt 
>broke off in the engine(makes it kind of load).

$250 got you an old luxury car, but be prepared to "invest" (rather
spend) some money on it to keep it on the road and in nice shape.
The Audi 5000 series is not the right car to buy if you want cheap
transportation.. :-)