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A junkyard poll ...

Six Type 44s in a junkyard.

All have the green sticker around the hydraulic oil reservoir that
mandates hydraulic oil only.

Five contain ATF.  One has a green oil like Audi's G 002 000, only
thicker.  An empty container marked "febi" and carrying a 'German and
Swedish' sticker in the battery compartment suggest that whatever this
green stuff is, it isn't real G 002 000.

The first five cars (ATF) show signs of serious long-term leakage from
the hydraulic pump shaft seal, the piston caps and the steering rack.
All show the drip marks characteristic of frequent reservoir refilling.

If Audi are so concerned about residual values, why don't they drop the
shameful and exorbitant price of G 002 000?  Amongst other things, I
believe it is also a safety issue.

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi quattro Owners Club
 Phone: 0385 302803   Fax: 0870 0883933