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Re: Radiator Repair

> > Maybe it's just bad luck?  I did not apply a lot of pressure when mine
> > snapped. Was actually being very gentle with it, still I felt pretty 
> stupid,
> > until I found I wasn't the only one.  Rapid heating and cooling cycles may
> > have had something to do with it too? (Removed twice that day before,
> >
>Often times the neck fails because the hose clamp is tightened too
>  tight.  Also becoming brittle over time does not help the matter
>  either and that is why I got a all metal radiator for my 200.  It works
>  great and cools alot better.  My gauge stays around a the quarter mark
>  on the highway while cruising compared to almost at the half before.

See?  It happened to other people....

Huw laughed uproariously when I snapped mine off...Maybe it was the look on 
my face as I realized the enormity of being a state away from home and 
having no usuable radiator at 6 in the evening...

87 4kq