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80q wouldn't start, now does!?!?

After letting my 175,000 mile 1990 80q sit for a day (wet, rainy, humid, New
England weather), went out to start it this morning, fired up for a couple
of seconds, started to back up and it promptly sputtered and died.  Cranked
the starter.  Wouldn't catch.  Kept cranking, wouldn't catch.  Occasionally
would sputter for a second or two at about 100 rpm.  Fuel pump was buzzing
normally for about 2 seconds when key was turned to ON (has the dreaded
buzz, I don't feel like spending $$$ for a quieter pump, unless somebody has
an inexpensive source).  I kept cranking away until the battery flattened

Disgusted, I grabbed my fiance's Saturn (gee, a car that starts and runs
every day without fail, what a concept!) and went to work.  Came home
tonight, went out to the car, it fired right up, idled nicely, sputtered
once a little bit upon acceleration out of the parking lot, but otherwise
was fine.

The car did this earlier this summer once, but the dealer (Dover Auto
World/Byrnes) told me, "Uh, we can't repeat it, so sorry."  Any thoughts?

Anybody interested in a white 1990 80q with 175,000 miles (odo blew at 107k,
replaced with one with ~30k miles after driving ~150 miles per day for about
4 months, odo now shows 50,800 or so, so I'm saying 175k to be safe), new
(rebuilt) AC compressor, recent tires, Stebro exhaust?  I'm considering

--Andrew Steere
Dover, NH