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RE: TT Q's in CT

Had the pleasure of driving the 1st TT Q in the States this last weekend.
Ok, by last weekend there were others, but this was #1 in delivery to the
US. It was a "Denim Blue" model and is in the Chicago land area. My brother
has a friend who owns this baby and had it a Elkhart Lake last weekend for
the Porsche Club event going on there. The owner is also very big in
Porsche's. This car was an absolute pleasure to drive! Now if only I could
snag on of these babies.... :-(

1990 V8Q
1986 4KCSQ

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Well, while last week we were so busy in the service dept  I nearly lost my
mind, the sales guys delivered 2 TT Quattros!  I was doing all the paper
work on the preps, saw the cars go by on paper and never caught on.  They
tech prepping the cars said nothing.  It's not like we see these cars

All I can says is the badges are tiny, one front and one rear.  You can't
see the 2 intercoolers from up top, I looked.  The cargo area is supposed
to be a bit smaller due to the RWD added.

So I hope to drive one of these things if they sit still long enough.

A Audi area sales rep was i today, he said S4s are on the docks.

Also the AllRoad A6 will come with the 2.7tt engine, not the 2.8.  That may
be the only way to get a 2.7TT Avant for a while.

I'll try to keep you tuned in if I have time for a clue.

While in Scottland 2 weeks ago I saw several A3s and one S3.  I also spied
an RS2.  And by the way many A4s towing trailers, er Caravans.  Also TDI
A6s and one 1.8T A6