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Delat radio needed, Gamma radio to go

	I recently purchased a V8 (1991), but the radio installed is a later model
Audi-Bose head unit that doesn't quite work perfectly with the original
Delta-controlled system.  I say (guess) it's a latter model as the front
panel is similar to the unit on my later-model Passat, except this is a
Bose integrated unit.  I think it's the gamma radio - display is in a thin
band in the middle (and right aligned) of the receiver instead of the upper
left as on the Delta unit.

	I need a Delta, since this radio doesn't direct-plug into the delta
harness and sends weird line-level outputs to the rear speakers and nothing
to the dash speakers.  As soon as I have the right radio, the Gamma is up
for grabs.  Flat trade is fine w/me as I have no use for the Gamma (if
that's indeed what it is).

	Any Delta's not in use out there, and any takers for this unit?

	Bryan Kamerer