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Re: The renewed SUV bash. Kinda long.

Thanks for a literate post John. A moving vehicle is dangerous. (Heck,
an improperly stopped one is too.) People need to be properly qualified
to operate them. The more mass being moved about, the more danger. Big
rig drivers have more stringent licensing requirements, I wonder why. Us
listers tend to work on improving the already good handling and braking
of our cars. We want to be in control of our vehicles. Comes in handy
when trying to avoid obsticals such as deer/animals in roadway,
pedestrians in roadway, other lame motorists, etc. I prefer that route,
rather than the "crusher" mentality that goes with the SUV territory.
Also, do not underestimate the "status" that people feel when they own
an SUV. The owner is litterally and figuratively above the crowd. (They
just don't know what a lemming is.)
No status in driving an old 4kq (unless you are in an Audi corral, then
everyone notices your nice 15" R-8's)