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RE: Audi Germany

Rob from Germany said...

>The TT is selling well but the New Bettle is a bust over here. Is it
just me, or does the Audi TT look like a Bettle that an elephant sat on?
Besides, TTs don't even have a real Quattro system!

My Alzheimer's is obviously getting worse.  Although I'm probably one of 
the few that hasn't gone gaw-gaw over the TT if it isn't a "Quattro" system 
then could someone explain to me what it is?

>Finally, someone asked what the best Audi was.  I would say the Audi
Coupe GT from 85-87.5 is the best looking Audi

Of course...is there any doubt?

>Oh, thanks to all those that responded to my 85 Ur-Q question.

Still waiting to see one here in Canada.

Don Muirhead
'99 A4
'96 S6
'86 CGT x 2