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Re: Battery draw

    I had similar problem with my 87' 5KQT. One of them turned out that the
trunk light was not going out. So after 2-3 days of sitting it would kill
the battery. didn't find out until I closed my self in the trunk, quite easy
to open from inside but common sense says have a friend close.

As for the GF problem......I just bought  '88 5KTQ so now its not an issue.

Date: Tue, 7 Sep 1999 19:39:22 -0400
From: Neil Swanson <75377.3445@compuserve.com>
Subject: Battery draw


OK any most likely culprits for a battery draw on an '87 5kq?   The battery
just drains but not always and sometimes not for months.  Wierd.  While I
had a meter on the battery testing draw I pulled every fuse and the draw
didn't change.

The car is fine and starts fine for many months and then goes through a
period of just not having any power to start.  Car has a fine Alt and reg.
The interstate battery is a few months old.

If there is an obvious place to look point me there.   We had a customers
car that killed batteries with the lock pump.  No problems since unplugging
the pump.  I've beeb told that when the cars were new that sometimews the
cars would just start moving the mirrors all by themselves.  Sounds kind of
funny really to see a car just waving mirrors around all by itself

Help!  The GF is driving my turbo


Britt Crowell (non HP employee)
(970) 898-4421