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Re: Battery draw


I've read about (TSB) and fixed my battery drain prob. with fuel pump
relay massage. Guess it was a prob with early 5ks. Might be worth
investigating. The fuel pump didn't stay on, the relay just drew some
amps for some reason. 

'84 5ks
(Alison V-12 transplant soon)

Neil Swanson wrote:
> Listers
> OK any most likely culprits for a battery draw on an '87 5kq?   The battery
> just drains but not always and sometimes not for months.  Wierd.  While I
> had a meter on the battery testing draw I pulled every fuse and the draw
> didn't change.
> The car is fine and starts fine for many months and then goes through a
> period of just not having any power to start.  Car has a fine Alt and reg.
> The interstate battery is a few months old.
> If there is an obvious place to look point me there.   We had a customers
> car that killed batteries with the lock pump.  No problems since unplugging
> the pump.  I've beeb told that when the cars were new that sometimews the
> cars would just start moving the mirrors all by themselves.  Sounds kind of
> funny really to see a car just waving mirrors around all by itself
> Help!  The GF is driving my turbo
> Neil