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Re: A tale & Some Trouble

I agree that bad drivers drive all sizes of cars and trucks.  The problem is that if someone in a SUV is a bad driver and they cause an accident that involves someone driving a smaller car (like an Audi) for instance, they are likely to cause a hell of a lot more damage than a smaller car.  I don't know what percentage of people who drive SUV's are bad drivers as compared to other vehicles.  What I do know is that I see an awful lot of idiots driving these vehiles.  There are those who drive them because they really do need the extra space or towing capacity.  However, most of the people I see driving SUV's are clearly driving them because they think they're 'cool' and talking on their cellphone as well.  They're either in front of me blocking my view, riding my a** because my 'oddie' doesn't accelerate quickly enough towards the next red light or doing lane changes without signalling like they're driving a sports car, spilling their decaf latte all over the interior of their vehicle.  Seriously, I think the main problem with SUV's at the moment is that they're trendy, and trendy cars seem to be driven primarily by people who are either:
	1.talking on the phone instead of conventrating on driving
	2.putting on makeup
	3.looking around to see who's watching them instead of looking at the road.

Plus, they're not Audis.

my .02

Jeff Mruss