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80 probs continued

Hi again.
Thanks for all of your advise.  I went to move my car to a safe parking
space here at school and the car started up and idled perfectly.  But as
soon as i touched the gas the engine started to cut out.  It now does it
at any speed and the rpms drop back more up to 1000 then it goes back to
normal.  I have it in a good space to leave it now so i can try to fix
it.  I am wondering if it could be a vacuum leak because there is a
small crack in the plastic piece that goes from the air box to the
injector manifold(i think thats what it is).  The crack is right where
the clap attaches to the injector manifold.  I have now idea if this
could be the problem or not.  I would love to hear any ideas.  Also if
anyone knows of a good mechanic anywhere near Lynchburg, VA i would
appreciate it greatly.  Thanks in advance