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after-run (sorry kind of long)

RE: After-run on '89 100 non-Q 2.3L

There were a number of posts recently on a similar topic, but I didn't see 
an answer specific to my situation.  I was hoping not to burden the list 
with my after-run Q's, but I am pulling my hair out now so perhaps I should 

When I purchased the car, it had a number of fried electrical sensors and a 
fried alternator as the result of PO's attempt at jump-starting it.

Replaced coolant sensor at front-top of head, temp gauge sender, radiator 
thermotime switch, relay in position #2 in relay panel under cowl, and relay 
in position #2 under dash (latter overkill).

Fan works at both speeds now, but still shuts off when ignition is off.  
Does not come back on within 10 min after ignition is off, even if coolant 
is hot.

Temp gauge does not have degrees C or F, just 'C' and 'H' at both ends, with 
notches in between.

It's my understanding that the 'fattest' notch on the gauge at approx. 11:00 
is 'normal' operating temp.  I'm guessing this notch is around 100 degrees 
C.  When I have been driving in the city and the coolant is at this notch, 
shouldn't the fan remain on if I park shortly after and shut off the 

If yes, can anyone think of something else to check?

Hope to keep some of my hair,


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