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RE: Audi Germany

At 15:49 08.09.1999 , you wrote:

>Besides, TTs don't even have a real Quattro system!
>My Alzheimer's is obviously getting worse.  Although I'm probably one of 
>the few that hasn't gone gaw-gaw over the TT if it isn't a "Quattro" system 
>then could someone explain to me what it is?
The TT (and the A3) use the "Haldex Kupplung" or in English maybe called
Haldex Clutch. How exactly it works? I am not sure, but maybe you find some
Information on the Internet. Try http://www.haldex.com/, it looks like the
Website from the Manufacturer...
I HAD a German Article about the "Haldex Kupplung" in a magazine, but
couldnīt find it. And IF I could find it I think I would not be able to
translate all the technical Stuff to English (not with MY BAD English) ;-)