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Re: Wheel type for full size spare - Re: 1988 5ks trea

rochow@pixelmagic.com writes:
> Am I correct in guessing that in this type of wheel (84 5kS - 4-lug, alloy,
> flat-faced 
> with ring-of-sausage-links holes, apparently 6.5" wide), there are no size/bolt-
> pattern/ET variations, such that I can pick one from a junk yard without
> measuring
> etc.?

Don't have a part number for you, but these wheels are stock on all
US 1984-87 Audi 5000S non-turbos, as well as some 1986 4000CS FWD models.
I don't think there is any variation to worry about.  They are all
14x6, 4x108mm with the same offset (ET45 ?).

> BTW: it seems established that the Audi Fox is mechanically related to the VW
> Dasher :) - neither of which I know the original names of, though the Dasher
> seems awfully similar to the Passat of that period, but smaller (?).

The Audi Fox is called the Audi 80 in Europe, circa 1973-1979.
The VW Dasher is built on the same platform as the Audi Fox,
and is called the VW Passat in Europe, same time frame.  The Fox
was replaced with the 4000 for 1980 in the US (also called the 80
in Europe).  The new 4000-based VW is the Quantum, still called
the Passat in Europe, and also called the Santana in other parts.

> Am I correct in remembering that the mid-70s Audi 80 is an Audi 50 with a trunk,
> and since Audi 50=VW Polo, Audi 80=VW Derby (which doesn't sound right)?

No, the Audi 50 is not the same platform as the Audi 80.

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