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radiator replacement tangents.

1. I've removed the final, extra-seized fan-shroud-to-radiator
mounting screw. Note to self: Dremel "reinforced" cutting
wheels are usable for this purpose - Dremel "heavy duty"
cutting wheels are tough as Zwieback.

2. My AC radiator is now attached only by a pipe that goes under
the fan, and then upwards and towards the firewall; where it's
bare, it's about 3/8" (9mm) in diameter - since I'm never going to use
any of this again, and would like to avoid acrobatics to undo this
hose from the bottom of the radiator: is this hose too touch to be cut/
sawed through?

3. Any ideas on using the (newer-model?) 3-pin ra. temp sensor 
in a 2-pin-equipped car?

4. One of the two upper rubber mounts for the rad broke apart
during disassembly. What's a likely place to find such a part?
AutoZone clerk says "Napa", of which I've not seen one in this area.