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Re: Re[2]: Wheel type for full size spare - Re: 1988 5ks trea

rochow@pixelmagic.com writes:
> >in Europe).  The new 4000-based VW is the Quantum, still called
> >the Passat in Europe, and also called the Santana in other parts.
> Now those I know: for reason completely unclear to me,
> the Passat notchback sedan was called the Santana - while
> the US versions were all labelled Quantum. I only realized
> that the Santana was indeed a Passat after I noticed the 
> equal naming on US cars... Was all this done simply
> because there previously was no notchback Passat?

Who knows what goes through the minds of those that decide on the

Just when we think that the US VW/Audi model names finally matched
those of Europe, VW throws a curve ball and renames the Jetta.  While
we still know them as Jetta, the 3rd-generation Jetta was renamed
the "Vento", and the 4th-gen car is now known as "Bora".

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