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RE: Real quattro

Dave E writes
>yes this is correct - the haldex is basically a "hang-on clutch".
>but in defence of the unit, there are a number of very ruputable
>manufacturers who use very similar technology.  the big advantage of the
>haldex is that it is computer controlled which means that the circumstances
>governing activation, duration of engagement etc are decided by computer,
>rather than my simple mechanics as in a torsen or a vc.

I question "Big Advantage".  Haldex is hardly an "active" differential in 
terms of performance or advantages.  Bottom Line:  Computers controlling 
differentials can be fooled just as easily as mechanical differentials.   As 
a fwd to awd device, "big advantage" seems somewhat of an oxymoron.  
Understeer v ?

I'm not sure that audi isn't constantly striving to find something better, 
when they might have already had it from the get go.  The early articles on 
the coporate search on why better fuel economy and tire wear with Gen I awd 
seem to have been forgotten.  Want active diffs?  How bout using all those 
sensors to activate the lockers v true 4 wheel edl, or use the multiplate 
electronic locking used in the early v8's.  Seemless to the driver a too high 
priority?  At the expense of what?  Better traction and performance.  Given 
audi's history in the last 10 years, and now the Haldex, I be guessing 
priorities are just changing.  Where is the real "quattro" in the "quattro 
advantage" I personally heard Hurley Haywood still singing at Monterey?  
Falling into the same realm of "DOHC" on top of the VR6?

My .02 arbitraged thru the peso

Scott Justusson