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First Annual Audi Only Swap Meet

I called George Baxter today and he fax'd the info to me.  I did not see a
full description put out on the list so here it is:

Mid Atlantic Quattro Club announces the First Annual Audi Only Swap Meet

Sunday September 19, 1999
8am - 5pm
AJP Tuning, Bristol, PA

9'x19' vendor space is $20
Admission is $5 for non Q Club members, not sure for Club members.  

directions from PA TP exit 29:
right onto Rt. 13S
first light - left on Beaver Road
first stop - left on Jefferson
four stops - right on Cannel
3/4 block - park in large fenced area >>>  AJP Tuning

for more info - George Baxter 215-788-6012
or AJPtuning@acinc.net

I think Chris Silva and I will convoy down from Harrisburg. Two 90 20v's at

Dave Kase