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RE: I could use some advice, brakes...Audi service

Give them a chance to do "right" that is the only way to teach them, I visit
dealers all the time (my job) and most of them want to do good.
There are some exceptions though,
Take care,

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Subject: I could use some advice, brakes...Audi service

I hate to admit this, but I took Baby to an Audi dealer when the "Check
Brakes" light came on and they said I needed brakes and rotors. I had them
the work. You don't want to know what that cost. When I drove it home, I
found that the driver side brake squealed, not when I first stepped on it
just before the car came to a stop. This continued so I called Audi and told
them, they said bring it in they'd have a look.

The verdict was that there was nothing wrong with the brakes, etc., so there
was nothing they could do. I wondered (out loud) if there was an anti-squeal
product they could have applied and they said, "Oh we don't use that stuff,
its after-market." (I kid you not)

Anyway, I was sent packing. However, a week later when the Service
questionnaire arrived, I filled it out honestly stating my dissatisfaction
and sent it back to them. The feeling I got from them was that my brakes
noise and I should live with it.

So I got a call back today.
"What seems to be the problem?"
Repeated the problem.
"Well, you know *these* brakes tend to make noise."
I said look, my brakes never made noise before you worked on them, now they
"Well, bring it in and we'll take it for a test drive."
I said I would IF I was in the neighborhood.

So now I'm wondering what to do or say or if he's right...do I have to live
with it?

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