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Re: TT "Q" Dumb Question

Don Muirhead writes:
> So my dumb question is...then why is the car called an Audi TT Quattro?  Is 
> Quattro a Registered Trade Name (yes) an active Patented System (don't no) 
> or both?  Keyword being Patent...

"quattro" is Audi's trademark for its all-wheel drive cars.  What
"quattro" means in terms of actual mechanics had varied from model
to model over the years as it evolved, notably in how the differentials
worked and how torque split were varied between axles (or not).  Up to
recent history all variations of quattro had all 4 wheels driven all
the time.  The TTq and A3q deviates from that tradition in that it
is "all-wheel drive" but not all of the time.  

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