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Re: Manual Trany Swap - Catalyst Issues/After Market Exhaust

In a message dated 9/8/99 11:32:10 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
audi@mediaone.net writes:

> I'm currently running nothing but a 5kt muffler (which is a straight
>  through pipe inside with holes in it).  Not *too* loud in the car, but
>  probably around 1/2 to 3/4 Harleys outside/behind.
>  I get pulled over by cops and hassled for it.

I am running only the cat and a sports muffler and I only really notice it 
when I am on the highway.  It thens to make the most noise around the 2-3k 
RPM range. Other than that, it sounds like you have nothing.  So in this case 
something.  yea....
Never got pulled over YET, but all I did was took the resinator off and added 
a sports muffler.

Jason C
89 200t10v
Redmond WA