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Re: cracked 2-piece manifold for MC...

> Not to mention broken or stretched exhaust hangers ... the distance from the
> tailpipe to the EM makes it a pretty good lever arm.

Hmmm... interesting. About 18 months ago I had to replace the entire
system as the OEM unit quite literally fell off (but what power!). The
only started to do its thing after that. New exhaust felt quite
restrictive. It
was OE 57mm, but crush tubed stuff. I guess it should all go and I am
looking for a place to make a mandrel bent system for after the motor
has been
taken care of. Would inserting flexible exhaust joints between the
end and the exhaust start help a bit?

> On my two-piece EM, I used a mill to slightly elongate and enlarge the holes
> on cylinders 1,2,4 and 5, the idea being to give them some room to expand
> before they shear off the stud (this also allowed me to better align it with
> the ports, which I hope will prove to be a performance benefit as well).
> We'll see shortly whether it works or not.

Hmmm... perhaps I should just get the 2-piece, weld it shut and do this
elongation as well. By how much did you extend the holes on each