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Re: A4 speed sensor?

At 07:53 AM 9/9/99 +0000, Phil Payne wrote:
>In message <> 
>Brendan/Coolian writes:
>> In Audi-lingo...That's like 20 replaced door handles.
>I _DO_ wish that the guy who strips the last doorhandle from a junkyard
>Type 44 would leave a window open.  I came across one last week - nice
>leather steering wheel and no doorhandles.
> Phil Payne

Just look in the larger door handle opening for the "L"-shaped actuator rod
and push down.  A thin pair of gloves makes it a bit more comfortable.  My
5Kcst parts car had a nonfunctional handle, which I removed to make opening
the door from outside possible.

Kneale Brownson