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Bronco Busting or now I put my foot in it

Jim wrote:

>First of all, a late model Bronco (78 - 96) is
>not an SUV to a Bronco-owner. It is a truck.

The key phrase here would be "to a Bronco-owner."  To me they look like an SUV.
I have a friend who's daughter got carried away driving one too fast to the mall
(younger, inexperienced driver to boot) and flipped it.  I have ridden in them,
but never driven one myself.  I got the impression that there was just too much
engine there for the size and weight distribution of the car--er excuse me,
truck.  I am not an expert though, so I don't want to insult you or other Bronco
owners.  Your point about fewer "wimpy car-like components" is well taken as
they do seem to be more truck-like.

Lately my crackpot crusade has been against big cars and trucks parking in
compact spots in ramps.  Today I noticed a brand new A6 in a compact spot in my
ramp.  What do you all  think, is an A6 compact?  It is about as long as a Ford
Taurus which I wouldn't consider compact.  It didn't present an obstacle to see
around like most trucks and minivans, but I could see someone coming around the
corner and easily clipping the tail lights--far too nice a car to leave in such
a vulnerable spot.