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RE: Rally Questions

Hi Mark!

There is always a need for workers at rallies.  Usually workers can get
better viewing points than an ordinary spectator as well.  I suggest
contacting the organizers.  For more information, check out
http://up-plaza.com/lspr/ which is the main site for LSPR.

-mark nelson

'90 S2 (rally car)
'90 CQ
'94 S4
'85 4ktq (for sale)

> Listers,
> I know there are lots of experiences that will help answer tsome questions
> about the SCCA Pro Rally Series. Have thought rallying would be just a
> blast and in the past used my rabbits and 4ks for some creative firelane
> exploring but other than tv not really exposed to rallying. Having lived
> Northern Wisconsin for some years now I would like to spectate at the Lake
> Superior Rally inHoughton the weekend of October 22/23. My questions
> revolve around spectatorship or potential involvement. As a spectator what
> is expected to be seen? Secondly are there needs for volunteers for
> spotting, team assistance, etc? Any input would be helpful.
> Mark Switek
> msswitek@pcpros.net
> 92 s4
> 98a4tqm