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Re: V8Q Engine Computer Codes

 "Bob Bach" <bbach@duke-energy.com> writes:

>I'm looking for explicit instruction on how to read the engine control 
>module fault codes for the V8Q?
>The Audi microfiche service manual says they can be read from the 
>computer by counting the blinks of the "ECS Malfunction Light" but 

ECS Malfunction Light, better known as a test light, preferably LCD. The
safest method to pull codes is to make your own VAG test light.  Go to
radio shack or some such place and get an LED and a 330 ohm resistor. 
Solder the resistor to the side of the LED that you will use as ground
when called for.  Then solder some wire, with your choice of end
connectors.  Buying a wire with aligator style clips on both ends, then
cutting the wire and soldering to the LED and resistor works well.  Then
you can use the shaft from another testlight, or some penny nails on the
end of the clip to push into the diagnostic connectors of the Motronic
Unit.  On the V8Q, dual small spade connectors work well if you break one
spade off, fits tight into the plug.

I've used, and seen others use a regular test light with no problems, but
according to Bosch it can damage the Motronic unit.

The procedure for pulling codes with the test light is very well
documented in the Manual, albeit they are spread out all over the place.



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