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Re: wheel types...

>>> flat-faced 
>>> with ring-of-sausage-links holes,

>Hilarious!!!   ROTFL!!!

I thought that was the official title.

>>Don't have a part number for you, but these wheels are stock on all
>>US 1984-87 Audi 5000S non-turbos, as well as some 1986 4000CS FWD 

>the guy next door to me had an 86 5ks non-t non-q with a strange audi
>wheel cover design.  many short spokes near the edge of the wheel, with a
>flat face and 4 rings in the middle of the wheel cover.  whole thing
>looked like cheap plastic to me...

That sounds like Typ43 (metal) hubcaps; I just saw a set of those in
my local junkyard - they had just crushed all but three of their 5000s, and
I didn't notice the model years on the list until I rounded a corner to the
one and noticed the angular turn signals - aarg! they left 2 43s and only 1 44,
which is one of their crumier examples. I guess just going in and getting any
that looks to be working and possibly part of an important function of the car
is the way to go (wish I'd done that six months ago). 

>not the, uh, bratwurst design as mentioned above...

I think they're more like short wieners, i.e. Bockwurst.