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RE: cracked 2-piece manifold for MC...

Dave said;

> In my experience. . .purely seat-o-pants meter and watching the tach
> actually want to go to redline.  Not the most accurate by a long shot but.
> .
> .as the old saying goes "I don't know what obscene looks like, but I know
> what it feels like"
> If I'm not mistaken Jeff, you have a two-piece.  Is it still a non-mounted
> item?  Maybe if you've got the one-piece off your UrQ or 200tq at the same
> time we could finally get some real numbers.  I for one (and others) would
> love to finally see some definitive data.
When I first put the 2-piece EM on the 88, I couldn't tell the difference
between it and the warped/cracked 1-piece (although the beautiful silence
was delightful).  The reason for this is I avoided +5,200 rpm because there
was no net benefit shifting any later with the 1-piece.  However, after I
drove the car for a while, I noticed under acceleration I was shifting later
and later, until 6,000 seemed about right.  Also, that flat spot at around 5
- 5,500 rpm was gone.  Car pulled nicely until about 6,000.  I have no bench
tests, no flow data, just hi-tech SOP tests, but I swear the 2-piece EM
flows better ON MY CAR at higher rpm's than the 1-piece.  So does every
single individual who has driven this same car.  Including my mechanic, who
has probably driven +1,000 type 44 turbo's, stock and modified.

I'm planning on doing the 2-piece to the 1990tqa eventually, and it has a
perfect 1-piece right now...

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