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Re: I could use some advice, brakes...Audi service

I don't mean to be harsh, but I hope you really needed brakes.  In my Audi, 
and I believe in your model too, there are two warning lights related to the 
brakes.  One is a pad wear indicator and looks sort of like this: (0) it 
lights up yellow.  The other is an indicator (red) that'll light up when 
your hydraulic or brake fluid is low.

If you did indeed need brakes, and they indeed did put new pads and rotors 
on, there are several things you can do that might minimize the squeeks.

1) Check to see if they put a self adhesive metal backing plate on the pad.  
This might not be Audi recommended, but surprisingly, many US mechanics 
don't know what these things are for, even if they come with the pads in the 
same box!  These plates absorb vibration, ergo less squeek.

2) Most auto parts stores sell the sticky, putty-like material which (you 
described) a layer of this is smeared on the back of the pad.  Also absorbs 
vibration.  You could do this yourself if so inclined. (Though you shouldn't 
have to--they should.)  BTW, I hate this stuff.  Too messy.

3) Consider Castrol GTLMA brake fluid.  I bled my system completely and 
replaced it with this fluid on my Impulse (No flames please) when I put 
reman calipers and pads on it.  Low to no squeeking.  Then, a month later, I 
had the rear diff worked on, which meant the Isuzu tech (15yrs experience) 
had to remove the rear brake ass'y and bleed the brakes.  Of course, I 
forgot to tell him GTLMA only.  He put in regular DOT4.  Massive squeeking!  
This was no scientific study, but I think the GTLMA makes a difference.  
Much better pedal feel too.



>From: DOUBLDz@aol.com
>To: quattro@audifans.com
>Subject: I could use some advice, brakes...Audi service
>Date: Wed, 8 Sep 1999 22:23:03 EDT
>I hate to admit this, but I took Baby to an Audi dealer when the "Check
>Brakes" light came on and they said I needed brakes and rotors. I had them 
>the work. You don't want to know what that cost. When I drove it home, I
>found that the driver side brake squealed, not when I first stepped on it 
>just before the car came to a stop. This continued so I called Audi and 
>them, they said bring it in they'd have a look.
>The verdict was that there was nothing wrong with the brakes, etc., so 
>was nothing they could do. I wondered (out loud) if there was an 
>product they could have applied and they said, "Oh we don't use that stuff,
>its after-market." (I kid you not)
>Anyway, I was sent packing. However, a week later when the Service
>questionnaire arrived, I filled it out honestly stating my dissatisfaction
>and sent it back to them. The feeling I got from them was that my brakes 
>noise and I should live with it.
>So I got a call back today.
>"What seems to be the problem?"
>Repeated the problem.
>"Well, you know *these* brakes tend to make noise."
>I said look, my brakes never made noise before you worked on them, now they
>"Well, bring it in and we'll take it for a test drive."
>I said I would IF I was in the neighborhood.
>So now I'm wondering what to do or say or if he's right...do I have to live
>with it?
>95A6q pearl

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