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Re: 4 Broken studs and a cracked 1-piece manifold on MC...

In a message dated 9/9/99 JShadzi@aol.com writes:

<< Well, I dont know how many miles you have on that head, but new valve stem 
seals would be really easy to do with the head out, lifters, cam seal, 
injector o-rings, etc.. not to mention just rebuilding the head and play it 
safe(about $150-200 or so). >>

In trying to help my friend Howard Dinits decide on how to deal with his 
recent little problem (blown head gasket and/or warped head on an '88 5kcstq) 
I advised him to call Carlsen to see what the exchange head price for 
q-listers is in the US (following Phil's lead on the excellent price for said 
in the UK). At the same time I made a call to a local machine shop for labor 
costs of working on said head. The exchange head is definately the way to go 
if you need much work done. The cost for the complete factory exchange head 
was less than $500.00 (MC engine). 

Yes, if you need very few parts it is less $ to go the machine shop 
route...but if you need much at all the exchange becomes very appealing. HTH 

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq