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Re: Cryogenically Frozen Rotors

The process is essentially similar to the one used in your air conditioner.
 A gas is liquified by cooling and pressure.  When the pressure is released
the gas (now liquid) transforms back into a gas and in so doing absorbs
heat from its surroundings.  Thus the surroundings lose heat get colder.
Now, if that gas is Helium the resulting temperatures are quite close (but
not quite) to absolute zero.  A lot of details are left out but that's the
idea, Bob.

Strange things happen down there - things like superconductivity.

At 04:35 PM 09/09/1999 -0500, Virtual Bob wrote:
>> I saw a portion of a program once ( I might actually have it on tape
>> too) on Discovery about a company that freezes items down to absolute
>> zero and then warms them back up. According to the show, metal seems to
>> ...
>So how do you get things to absolute zero? Sounds weird to me.
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