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Re: Cryogenically Frozen Rotors

There is a little info on Page 226 of the September issue of Sport Compact
Car.  In building a 600HP engine for a 300ZX they were using it to
(paraphrasing here) completely stress relieve the block by increasing the
amount of martensite carbide inclusions within the metal.  Supposedly
increases hardness, tensile strenght, yada, yada.

At 07:33 AM 9/9/1999 -0700, Jim Calore wrote:
>Listers -
>Has anyone out there ever used cryogenically
>frozen rotors? These guys
><http://www.frozenrotors.com/> perform this
>service, and will also supply the rotors,
>cross-drill them, and machine gas grooves too if
>you want. They will also use your rotors.
>Supposed to greatly increase the life of the
>rotors too.
>This outfit was discussed on the Bronco List and
>Offroad.com, and is used by some serious off-road
>Might be a good option for Audis with unusual
>rotor designs that you can't find good
>aftermarket rotors for.
>- Jim 
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