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RE: Haldex Research results

>Please do correct any of my misunderstandings folks.  After hours of 
>researching this, my optimism wanes on the direction "quattro" is taking.  
>Haldex per Haldex is 4wd...  An "active and variable" VC would be a better 

The definition for this device in the literature I have is Limited Slip
(LSC), which pretty much describes its function.

>Anyway, I've no idea how hard it is to change the Haldex software, but I
>would love for it to turn out to be easy as pie to pop in a temporary
>program that is the equivalent of locking the center differential, for use
>on the race track or in the snow, particularly if the program could be
>selected from a dash switch.  (The unused FWD ASR switch comes to mind.)
>Then one could have a TTq that works like a 4kq/urq.

>From Racecar V8N8
"The 'Application' program is specific to each vehicle application, and
the external communication and LSC control as necessary to affect vehicle 
performance. In typical production car applications, this ECU would be 
16-bit Siemens 80167, 12MHz CPU clock, 4kb RAM, 128kb flash ROM."

The ECU is located on the Haldex LSC unit and communicates with the
car via the CAN bus.
Dave Lawson