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Re: 90 model 90 quattro 20v - transmission problem ?

In message <852567E7.005C38F2.00@csc.com> mvollmer@csc.com writes:

> While driving home on the weekend, my quattro jumped out of 5th gear into
> nuetral.  I thought it was rather odd, and carefully put it back in 5th and
> continued on, only to find it happen again.  It seems when ever I let up on the
> accelorator, the transmission will shift to nuetral.  This is the case for all
> gears.  I called the local audi dealer, they suggested the synco,  but wouldn't
> I have problems shifting from gear to gear if this was the case?  Is this just
> their attempt to rebuild my transmission? Is there some type of detent spring on
> this transmission?  If so, where is it??

> Any help, suggestions on where the problem lies would be greatly appreciated.

More likely just the alignment of the shifter, rather than anything to
do with the transmission itself.  Check the gearbox mounts.

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi quattro Owners Club
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