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Re: Rear diff won't unlock!!

Are you sure that the diff is actually locked or is it possible that the
indicator switch is stuck and giving you a false indication of locked diff?

If this helps.. the rear diff on my ' 84 4kq was once actually stuck in the
locked mode, even though the switch did not indicate.

An Audi dealer diagnosed/repaired a shim in the diff that was incorrectly
installed when the side seal was replaced by a Nissan mechanic (previous
owner's arranged all this since I had not yet bought the car.)

Since I did not perform the repair myself, I don't have many details for
you.  I do know that it was on the side that you can tip down (after
removing inner cv joint) and remove the yoke with a hex key.  The shim is
somewhere behind the yoke.

Hope this helps.

You may also want to inspect your subframe and diff mount bushings as I've
been chasing down a clunk in the rear-end when shifting and accelerating
suddenly.  I suspect the clunk is a worn subframe bushing that is the result
of driving with a locked rear diff for who knows how long!

Let me know how it turns out.