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re: Bronco Busting or now I put my foot in it

We need to be careful with the anti-SUV stuff.

Vehicles _shouldn't_ be designed for the lowest common denominator. 
(And frankly, anyone who rolls a Bronco en route to the mall pretty much
fits my definition of a lowest common denominator.)

These are purpose-built vehicles which do things other vehicles can't.
If idiots use them for incorrect applications or drive them like sports
cars, they should be held accountable for their actions.

If you made a Bronco handle like more like a car, you'd have a pretty
useless vehicle all-around... kind of like an Explorer, CR-V, or RAV-4.

Maybe requiring a "truck" license would cut down on the number of people
using them.  Like a motorcycle license.

But we need to fight the move afoot to ban or limit them.... what's
next... a ban on cars over 100hp?

And yes, I own a Bronco.  It's a truck.  Has scratches on the roof from
off-road excursions.  I never drive it if I don't need to. Even on slick
roads (with under 6" of snow) our quattros are much superior vehicles.

Bill Elliott
Lake Mills, WI