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Re: 4000 Quattro Argh! - Part 2

Brendan & other list sufferers:

Literaly EVERY 4000 clutch problem I've encountered here has at least
started with this sort of pedal-to-master cylinder linkage problem. 
(Okay, there's the cracked/flexing firewall problem too.)  The pin that
connects the pedal shaft to the forked end of the master clyinder
push-rod wears out, the hole in the fork wears "schmoo" shaped, the hole
in the pedal shaft wears oval shaped, all resulting in HUGE slop in the
pedal-- continue to drive that way, and you may as well be shifting
while pressing a *properly* working clutch pedal 1" down, instead of all
the way to the floor as you should.  You WILL do damage to the trans,
and you WILL harm your clutch, if the linkage is loose like this.  Fix
it once and for all:  Either buy a new master cylinder that comes with a
new fork, or drill out the hole in the worn fork to accept a larger pin
or bush it so that a new original pin fits properly.  Likewise, replace
the pedal shaft or drill out the worn hole, bush it, and use a new pin. 
I've had success using modified (viva the file!) bushings from a VW A2
shift linkage bushing kit (no more than $10, even at the dealership) for
the pedal shaft, and 3/8" diameter clevis pins from a local chain parts
store Trak Auto.  You've GOT to eliminate that slop-- I can't understand
how anyone can drive a stick-shift car with 2" plus of slop in the
clutch pedal!?  Any fix will require you to remove the pedal shaft &

I've got to go... to be continued...


Brendan/Coolian wrote:
> Ahah!  I'm looking in my Bentley, and it looks like my....
> Circlip/pin
> Clevis
> and pushrod
> are not working in sync anymore....Don't you hate it when that happens?
> The pushrod is hanging limp and flaccid because the whole shebang isnt
> connected to the clutch pedal anymore.
> Hmmm...I'm at a loss, and I want to have an answer on this by the time I
> get to my mechanic in the morning around 8am....So I must get to reading
> and thinking...
> Any ideas?
> Brendan
> 87 4kq

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