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Re: Bronco Busting or now I put my foot in it

    Larger vehicles, SUV's, F-350's, and so on should not be sold to anyone
unless they have a specific permit by the state where they drive.  This
special permit should be given out to people who have special needs
requiring larger than the average vehicles.  Towing, off-road for a specific
purpose other than fun, heavy loads, landscaping... are the only reasons
that a person needs a bohemuth vehicle.  SUV's are not for taking 2 kids to
McDonalds, they are for offroad, towing, heavy hauling, and they do not
handle well enough for proper road travel and emergency driving situations.
    SUV's take up too much space, they eat gas, they pollute, and they kill
people in cars.  I can fit 5 people in my car, an 80, with my ski rack on I
get 5 pairs of skis on top too.  I moved an entire room from my dorm to my
home.  People that have ten children need SUV's, not people that have 2 kids
and a dog.  I am sick and tired of being tailed by owners of Ford
Expeditions who think they have a sporty, fast, safe automobile.  I slammed
on the brakes while a Jeep Grand Cherokee was behind me and the lady nearly
ate my car for lunch, and she wasn't even that close, and she was not on a
cellular phone.
    Now if people think that it is their right to drive an oversized,
gas-guzzling, dangerous SUV they are sorely mistaken.  Cars belong on roads,
SUV's belong offroad or hauling.  That is what they where desinged for, not
highway travel with a kiddy in the back bench three rows away.  I am also a
firm believer that as in Europe trains are the most effecticve transport for
cargo, NOT 18 wheelers which by the way are 5 times as dangerous than SUV's.
Although 18 wheeler drivers have to pass numerous tests to drive those
trucks, now why shouldn't a person who drives an SUV 3 times the size of a
car have to take lessons and pass tests?
    The US is in big trouble when it comes to transportation.  Europe is way
ahead of us, use of train systems for transport of people and cargo, small
city cars with great fuel efficiency, beautifully maintained roadways for
the most part, reasonable speed limits for the most part, and people seem to
actually pay attention while driving.  We need to cut emissions, unclutter
our roadways, and rethink this whole bigger is better attitude we all have.
I am not pointing the finger at anyone on this list, but it's ridiculous to
think SUV's should even be sold to the common housewife/househusband without
a special needs permit.

Alexander van Gerbig
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