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Crankcase Breather Question

I think that I found the source of my hard starting problem-
Crancase breather hose was collapsed, AND has a hole in it...

Other that making the engine run a bit roughly, and there any
other issues if I need to drive the car before I replace it?

I called Linda for a replacement (dealer only part).  My comment
ont the price was "Geeze, that's alot for a hunk of rubber tubing"

Her reply: "Well, list is $120, your price $89.

...and its a "SPECIAL" hunk of rubber."

Yeah, an Audi piece of rubber...

Sidenote- on the 20v NA motor, the 7A, Audi created and "upgrade"
that replaces the section of the hose that tends to degrade and collapse

with a metal section (installed it in my CQ).  Of course they didn't do
the same for the 3B in the 200, and since the hoses have different
bends, it's not a swap.

-Peter Schulz
1991 TQW
1990 CQ