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Re: quattro <was TT "Q" Dumb Question>

BrutKobain@aol.com writes:
> I think that Quattro was a registered trademark for something else from some 
> other company...cant remember, but I'm pretty sure that's why audi doesnt 
> have that name.

This is quite incorrect.  Quattro (Upper or lower case Q) is Audi's
trademark.  You are probably confusing it with something like Torsen
or Haldex which are trademarks of other companies.

> They used "quattro" instead...from all the Audi's i've seen they have all 
> been lower case Q. is that so on the URQ?

It has become common practice to use the upper case Q to
denote the original Audi Quattro (aka urQ).  This is because
in this case "Quattro" not only implies it's AWD but it's
also the model name of the car (this despite the lower case q
on the rear deck decal).  We use the lower case q for all other
Audis with all-wheel drive because it's a modifier to the model
(e.g., A4 quattro).

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