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>Anyway, I've no idea how hard it is to change the Haldex software, but I
>would love for it to turn out to be easy as pie to pop in a temporary
>program that is the equivalent of locking the center differential, for use
>on the race track or in the snow, particularly if the program could be
>selected from a dash switch.  (The unused FWD ASR switch comes to mind.)

Your right, that would be a very trick setup!  The next question would
be durability of the clutch running it locked, would it self-destruct?
Probably not, being an Audi and all.  But the wires would corrode and
fry, and the clutch would engage when you turn on the fog lights, or
some such bizarre-ness.

>Then one could have a TTq that works like a 4kq/urq.

When the clutch isn't locked, think FWD 4k.  That a gorilla sat on.

Good idea, and one for the tuning software guys to work!

Matt Rooke