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Rear Diff Oil Seal Replacement Questions

I noticed a few drops of oil under the rear diff of my 95 A6Q.  Upon further
inspection, it appears that the right side oil seal is leaking.  I've done
some research on fixing this myself and it looks doable, but I have a couple
of questions I was wondering if the more experienced q-listers could answer:
1.	Can a backyard/weekend mechanic do this job?  Or am I asking for
2.	The 6 bolts that hold the drive axle to the flanged shaft look like
torx bolts.  ETKA says they are BM10x48x26 size w/ polygon head.  What size
torx socket do I need to get for these?  Also, should I replace these?  If
so, do I need to use Loctite and what kind?  Bentley says "bolts are
microencapsulated with locking compound" and "always install new bolts".
3.	The fill plug is described as M24x1.5.  Does this mean a 24mm allen?
4.	Do I need to get tool 2062 to press in the oil seal, or could I
fabricate something? (wooden rod?)
5.	What type of oil should I refill the diff with when I am done?

Thanks for any help!
Bleeding 95 A6Q