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Re: Bronco Busting or now I put my foot in it

Wrong. I hate SUV's as much as the next guy, but let the insurance
premiums dictate who can drive them. Also, everyone (not just SUV
drivers) should have to have more strict drivers licensing tests. Have
you ever taken one? Rediculously trivial here in the US, but then you
don't even need _any_ training to own a handgun. 
Wolff (self trained driver and shooter)

BTW, I also ride a bicycle and an Audi is a behemoth from that
perspective, hence when driving one of my Audi's I pay special attention
that I don't hit a cyclist or pedestrian.

Alexander van Gerbig wrote:
>     Larger vehicles, SUV's, F-350's, and so on should not be sold to anyone
> unless they have a specific permit by the state where they drive.  This
> special permit should be given out to people who have special needs
> requiring larger than the average vehicles.  Towing, off-road for a specific
> purpose other than fun, heavy loads, landscaping... are the only reasons
> that a person needs a bohemuth vehicle.  SUV's are not for taking 2 kids to