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Re: cracked 2-piece manifold for MC...

In message <d28c3c73.2509a619@aol.com> OorQue@aol.com writes:

> > One of the major design differences between the Audi and Dialynx
> >  manifold is that the Audi (one-piece) manifold leads the ports to the
> >  turbo via three galleries - the Dialynx manifold is just a single cavity
> >  emptying all the ports into the turbo.

> One interesting thing about this is that the three "galleries" are not all
> the same size ... two are roughly the same and one is a bit smaller.
> Surprisingly, the smaller one handles two cylinders and one of the larger
> ones handles only one, which is the opposite of what intuition (well, *my*
> intuition anyway!) would suggest.

> However, a few hours spent grinding -- remember, these manifolds are made of
> iron not aluminum! -- will help equalize things...

Yes, but should you?  Is the smaller 'common' gallery handling two
cylinders that are 'far apart' in the firing sequence?  I think there's
something clever tucked away in Audi's otherwise overly complex design.

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