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Re: What is quattro, what is "haldex"

Just a brief note about the Haldex, it isn't a "full on" or "full off" type of
system, the clutches do allow for some slippage which would make the transition
from 2wd to Awd appear to be seamless, if properly set up.

(Nomex on and fire extinguisher ready!!!!)

QSHIPQ@aol.com wrote:

> Dave E writes:
> >what interests me in the design is the ability of the processor to change
> >the handling dynamics.  i expect, at this premature time, to find the s3 and
> >ttq quite differet handling animals...
> not totally with you here Dave.  If Haldex can only send a maximum of total
> Trg of 50% to the rear wheels, both should handle as the press has reviewed.
> A slight hint of understeer all the time.  Why is that?  Because the ability
> to induce LTO is limited by the haldex locking (specifically the delay in
> unlocking to prevent LTO), and the ability to induce on throttle oversteer is
> limited by the interference of the EDL on the front drive axles (total Trg is
> reduced to keep handling at slight understeer).  Without tuning (I argue even
> with tuning of the Haldex "CAN") you can equalize one chassis dynamics to
> another (something torsen couldn't really do) with the same hardware in the
> system.  But that only means that when you own an S3 and a TT you can drive
> them the same.  Where too, does the Haldex leave the LFQB (left foot quattro
> brakers)?  Quite in the "lurch" might be an understatement.  It's one thing
> to try  controlling a variable torque torsen with LFQB, it's another to
> control a fwd>awd switch all together.

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