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Are anyone interested in a new K24 turbo and a used manifold?

I recently acquired an K24 turbo from a local dealer here in Sweden, it
looks like I have overreved that unit. I will get a new unit on warranty
next week, it is the same unit that is used on the euro spec S4(I5). I have
spoken to them about upgrading to a bigger unit at the same time but their
prices are a bit high. They want $450 to change my turbo to a RS2 turbo with
upgraded bearings. They want the same price if I change to a Garrett T04E
with similar specs.

When I replaced the K26 on my car with a K24 the 0-60 times dropped .5
seconds, mostly because boost built a lot faster. With only a filter mod and
13 psi boost I run 6s 0-60 and 14@100 on the G-tech.

If I choose to build a new manifold I will have a spare K24 and maybe my old
manifold. I know that I have a new Garrett T3 that is good for 250+ hp if
someone wants one of those.

It looks like I will go on vacation to Miami in November, I can send the
turbo from Florida then. I can send the stuff sooner but it will be cheaper
if we wait.

Any bids?

Respond privately please.

Jörgen Karlsson
Gothenburg, Sweden

http://come.to/jurg               http://quattro.tsx.org
mailto:jurg@2.sbbs.se (popmail)   mailto:jurg@usa.net (webmail)